Nina Swope



Based in Orlando, FL

Hailing from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, Nina and her family immigrated to America in 1992 - shortly after the collapse of the USSR.
 After several years of Nina's strong urge and persistence to learn violin, her grandfather, who is a professional violinist, introduced Nina to the violin and began musical instruction at the age of 7. She immediately displayed signs of true, organic talent. Performing for the Mayor at only 9 years old, she excelled so quickly, that there was no turning back. She ended up attending art magnet schools throughout grade school, which led to a full scholarship to Interlochen Arts Academy, and much more!
 Nina's past strenuous classical music tutelage does not hold her back from being extraordinarily versatile. She has collaborated with Sofia Carson, OneRepublic, STYX, Bernadette Peters, Ramin Djawadi and many others.
Nina recently relocated to Orlando, Florida with her husband and son. Her musical presence has already been made known - performing at local weddings, corporate gatherings, church services, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra, Craig Turley Orchestra, and Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. She is also a private violin teacher, carrying a studio of 11 students. Nina is an advocate for the arts in public schools by teaching group lessons to children as young as three years old.

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