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Nina is a classically trained violinist, stemming from her great grandfather who was a contra-bassist, and great grandmother who was a pianist in the Soviet Union. Nina's grandfather is a violinist, who taught her violin and mentored her throughout her youth.

Nina travels to students homes and does NOT offer instruction from her own home at this time.

Nina does not teach privately on Saturday and Sunday.

Biweekly lessons are not an option.

Please contact for rates.


Updated 05/2019

  • Monday - Orlando (BOOKED)

  • Tuesday - Sanford (BOOKED)

  • Wednesday - Lake Mary, Orlando (BOOKED)

  • Thursday - Winter Garden, Windermere, Clermont (2 OPENINGS)

Methods, policies, expectations...

  • Nina uses the Suzuki Method for her beginning students, as well as other method books that are vital to the fundamental studies of the violin. For her advanced beginner/intermediate students, she incorporates additional method books, and requires all scales to be memorized. Advanced students are required to memorize all scales, learn 1-2 new etudes per week, study various technique books, study one solo show piece, and one full concerto (all movements) at a time.

  • Intermediate and advanced players who have not studied with Nina from the beginning stage are subject to an audition prior to being accepted into her studio.


  1. Instrument

  2. Music Stand

  3. One Notebook/Practice Log for note-taking

  4. Any type of notebook: composition, spiral, etc.

  5. All Method Books

  6. Metronome (Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)

  7. Nails cut to correct length

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